Persons attending are required to agree to the following terms and conditions before the start of the course, workshop, classes or sessions:

  • Full payment or account must be received 4 days before the course.
  • On-time attendance is required for all sessions. Please arrive ten minutes early.
  • Students are required to follow instructions from the trainer or any of staff members, are expected to maintain a respectful attitude towards trainers and staff, and must be careful not to disrupt sessions or cause inconvenience to other students.
  • Questions times will be allocated. Please do not interrupt trainers or other students to ask questions.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or put to silent (non-vibrating) mode during sessions.
  • The taking of photos, videos or recordings are only allowed with the permission of the trainer.
  • Persons taking prescription medicines must inform the organizers and trainers.
  • We reserve the right to take photos, videos or recordings of any parts of the course and to use this material in any promotional or commercial publications. We respect the sensitivity of any one who does not want to be photographed or being video graphed.
  • Course bookings cancelled more than one month before the course will receive a full refund, less 10% to cover administration and banking costs. Later cancellations may receive a partial refund at our discretion. Less then 48 hours there is no refund.
  • All exercises etc. are on your own responsibility.


We are not responsible for how you interpret the information on this website. We are not responsible for how you execute the exercises we explain and offer. Beside this, the exercises don’t replace a visit to a doctor or a specialist. We recommend that you take the advice from the academic medical doctor or specialist.

Please let us know if you use any medicine or if you have serious health problems before you attend one of our classes/workshops or sessions.