Irma van Tuil

My name is Irma van Tuil and I live in the Netherlands. I am married and we have two beautiful children. I am passionate with Qigong and I teach Qigong and Zhineng Qigong with joy.

I started with Zen-meditation and Qigong in the Netherlands 1995 and have learnt a lot about the mindset from a Zen-teacher who also worked as a psycho-therapist in a prison. I followed a year-long training to guide people who suffered from cancer, and Qigong-practice was also a part of this training.

In 2003 I learned Zhineng Qigong (level1& 2-and qigong for children) at the Chi Neng Institute. I also attended many workshops by different Zhineng Qigong teachers from China. In 2005 I learned the Straight-Legs-Sitting practice from teacher Ooi Kean Hin. With this practice in combination with the 3 Centers Merge I healed my spine from a hernia and a worn intervertebral disc. I became more and more enthusiastic because I was feeling much healthier and more alive than before. I specialized myself in the Straight Legs Sitting under guidance by teacher Ooi Kean Hin.

In 2012 I went to Malaysia and had a training with teacher Ooi Kean Hin in Taiji-ball and some other simple Zhineng Qigong practices introduced by Dr Pang Ming around the year 2000. The series is now commonly known as the Zhineng Taiji series. I was surprised again of how much benefit I could get out of these new practices and I could feel deeper inside than I had ever experienced.

After 3 years I went back to Malaysia and completed the hands-on training as a “Holistic Clinical Coach”. I am happy that I can work together in a team with teacher Ooi Kean Hin, Claudia Verbeeck and Cisca den Boer. And that we can work together with more colleagues all over the world.

From 2005 till now I give classes and workshops in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Together with and thanks to colleagues from abroad I give workshops in other parts of Europe as well. Beside this I provide private qigong consultation and Information Therapy services.