Claudia Verbeeck

Claudia Verbeeck

Hi, I am Claudia Verbeeck from the Netherlands. Qigong changed my life and I am a dedicated practitioner.

I started to practice zen-meditation and qigong when I was 18 years old. My zen teacher was a psychologist and we worked a lot on the mindset. He taught me that the key to everything is attention. I discovered that emotions come from our reference system, triggered by our thoughts. We can learn to manage them by observing our mindset. The key is that body and mind are inseparable. I learned to feel again, which was not so nice at first. I worked on my trauma and learned how to handle emotions.

In 2008 I started teaching qigong. In 2013 I did a training Zhineng qigong at the Chi Neng Institute (Level 1 and Zhineng qigong for Children). I also attended training from Chinese teachers, especially from teacher Ooi Kean Hin, and lessons from Irma van Tuil. The way she teaches qigong with the focus on opening up the mindset, helped me tremendously. From 2018 we work together to see people in an individual setting.

I got a much better perspective of the scientific theory during Module 1 and 2 from teacher Ooi Kean Hin. It changed my perspective to experience qigong in a holistic way. In 2019 I finished Module 3 with teacher Ooi Kean Hin and Irma van Tuil, including hands-on training. I am giving classes, workshops and individual treatments. I am very happy to work with Irma, teacher Ooi Kean Hin, Cisca and other teachers to reach more people with this great way of looking at life!

Besides all this, I am living with my partner and am a proud mother of two wonderful daughters. I daily life I am a designer and adviser in a communication agency. We work for non-profit organizations in social-care and education. We believe in telling the real story and make information clear and accessible for everyone. For me, it is all about connecting, first with yourself and after that with the world outside.