Cisca den Boer

Cisca den Boer

Hello, my name is Cisca den Boer, from the Netherlands. My curious mind is always interested in the effect our mind has on our body and vice versa. The combination with qigong is great. It brings us tools to manage our lives in a very natural manner. Everything is connected and to make connections from the heart matters most to me.

A short qigong workshop in 2010 at my workplace makes me full of energy that day, like magic! I had missed this feeling for a long time and didn’t know yet I was heading towards a severe burn-out which came along a week later. To help myself I started the Zhineng qigong teacher training (2011) at the Chi Neng Institute. The training was not always easy but it helped me to recover from my burn-out and gave me back my joy in life. Qigong still helps me to stay calm and focused.

In the past years I deepened my training and insights with the help of several qigong teachers like teacher Ooi Kean Hin and Irma van Tuil. My first class with them was in 2012. Since then I’ve learned a lot about standing meditation, Straight-Leg-Sitting, Taiji Ball, trembling, pulsating and developing ESP (extra sensory perception) besides the other Zhineng exercises. I’ve learned to trust my gut feeling by developing my ESP. This is a natural effect of doing qigong on a regular basis.

Since 2013 I’ve been giving qigong classes, workshops and individual treatments. From 2014 till 2016 I worked for the Chi Neng Institute. In 2018 I started to work with Irma and Claudia. In 2019 I followed Module 3 by Teacher Ooi Kean Hin in which we also did hands-on training to help people with various complaints. It’s nice to work in such a great team.

Besides all of this I am also a proud mother of three, married, mindset & body coach, historian and communications adviser. I love to walk on the beach, to dance and am looking forward to creating together with SHI Discovery a wonderful place for lovely people.