We are proud to present a new program for young adults. After some try-outs and good feedback of our participants we are ready to start!

Discover our online sessions for young adults. We focus on physical movements and your mental state, by bringing your attention, breathing and movement together. Practicing together online is a great way to feel connected with yourself, with nature and with the people around you. The exercises create more body awareness, concentration and inner balance and reduce stress. This strengthens your immune system, gives you the power to stand firm and brings you more confidence.

With a few simple exercises, you can also start to practice on your own very easily. You will be amazed about the fast results. Do you want to experience it for yourself? Join our short weekly online sessions! Everyone between the ages of 16 and 35 is welcome. Inform your friends and join the Young Adult sessions every Monday.

We have a special welcome discount in April: only € 5,00 (for Europe) or $ 7,00 (for the US) for 3 sessions. Later on the rate will be € 12.50 or $ 15.00 per month.

Sign up for our weekly sessions every Monday. Starting April 12th 2021 from 9:30 PM till 10:00 PM (CET) or 4.30 PM till 5.00 PM (EST).

Why is this program in the late afternoon or in the evening? So you feel relaxed and comfortable after the session and you can go into a good night-sleep.

What people say about the try outs:

“Very relaxing, thank you very much!”

“I really liked it! I became very aware of my anxiety, which made me consious to slow down. I kept feeling distracted in my head, but I became easier during the course. I heard really valuable things.”

“I especially liked the last exercise, sitting down relaxingly. My hands and feet feel very warm and at the end I feel like I was in a warm bubble.”

“I felt good and calm again, just like the previous 2 times. Logical, because the exercises were pretty much the same. You guys really have something there!”

“Very relaxing and nice to do, it is relaxed. Instructions are calm and comprehensive.”