We got a wonderful review of one of our partcipants at the Get Well Sessions.

How do I find de practice? I have done very well in many ways:

It has helped me practice for 45 minutes, twice a week. This has influenced my body to feel more qi, at all times during the day.
In my usual movements (cooking or doing other things) I can feel the Qi through my head, neck, chest, abdomen, arms and feet in contact with the ground. I feel very relaxed.
I notice that the hands are more open, as if they were always holding a balloon.
I have greatly improved my breathing capacity.
My chest is much more open. My posture has changed, I am more upright.

At all times my arms move in the la qi-practice.

I warmly thank Ooi, Irma, Claudia and Cisca for their dedication and the love they transmit in each class.

A big hug,

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