Workshop with Master Dou Zhangou

Powerfull online workshop with Master Dou

In this online workshop Master Dou teaches us how to work on our spine. His exercises involve three positions: sitting, lying and standing. They are all aimed at training the spine.

The workshop is highly recommended for serious qigong practitioners and Yoga enthusiasts.

Master Dou says, “Life is about motion and the root of motion is in the spine. Only spinal exercises can directly massage the internal organs, regulate their functions and prevent disease by enhancing the overall immune system of the human body. Therefore, the benefits of spinal exercise are very apparent.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spine controls the generation of healthy energy from the human body. It stands for our vitality and energy. Master Dou started teaching his methods in 2009. The practice of thousands of people in recent years has proven that the methods of the Spine Qigong are scientific, practical and efficient. It is an excellent way to improve the quality of life.


Dou Zhanguo was born in 1968 to a farming family. He learned martial arts from a very young age and was trained by various masters. He worked and studied at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong in the 1990s and the teachings of Grand Master Pang Ming have led him to understand the secret of TaiJi and Qigong. He also studied Zen Buddhism intensively and became a Zen convert.

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