Sérgio De Luiggi

My name is Sérgio De Luiggi. I live in Lisbon in Portugal.

I have been a Podiatrist and Reflexologist since 2005 and since 2007 also a Qigong enthusiast and practitioner.

In 2007 I started my Reflexology School in Lisbon with the aim of offering credible and quality training in reflexology. My focus is to bring healthy practices to all who want to improve their health and bring this help to others. This is achieved through reflexology training, primary care with patients and several public workshops from a holistic point of view.

My first contact with Qigong was back in 2007 in a weekend workshop in Lisbon. Qigong has always been a passion since I was a teenager, just like reflexology, but only here in this workshop I got in touch with it. Before I practiced alone for many years and many years did Zhan Zhuang method classes. Until the moment I met Mr. Ooi Kean Hin, and started doing his modules. In 2019 I started doing Qigong classes. And by now I am very happy to be working together in Shi Discovery.

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